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Jeremy Keith: Be Careful What You Wish For

XML and XSLT a Remedy for Vendor-Specific APIs?

The Web Directions panel discussion came around to the topic of APIs and the problem of learning a new one for every web service or having to deal with the problems of integrating those APIs into the particular systems that need to support them. To me this raised the question of why we are using APIs rather than a standard way of sharing data. It seems that XML, XHTML and XSLT would be all that we would need if,

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A London Diary: Day 2

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We chased the sun around the earth for about 10 hours, never losing sight of it, until we arrived in Gatwick at about 11:20 am, Sunday morning. Time is a funny thing. There wasn’t much sleep to be had as the cabin of the plane started out with the air conditioning pouring out cool air so that when someone complained, the system was turned so far down that by the time we landed, everyone was greatful to touch ground and get some fresh air.

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A London Diary: Day 1

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The trip started from Abbotsford with my wife, daughter and her new boyfriend in the back of our Ford, with my father-in-law riding shotgun. We left just past 9:00am Saturday, June 5 in order to catch the 2:50 pm flight from Vancouver to London. That would leave plenty of time to get there, even if there might be traffic delays or who knows what on the way, and still be at the terminal long before the recommended 3 hours before departure.

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