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The Wayback Machine

We have outsourced the cognitive load of our collective memories to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. I am thankful that they exist. My memory is not what it used to be. Even then, my memory has been terrible.

Graphic design has been a way to preserve knowledge in a format that I can more easily retrieve later. If I had to rely only on my brain, my memory would have failed me long ago.

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Websites in various stages of design, development, and production


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Rendering the Symphony admin with XSLT

@kanduvisla opened an issue about the possibility of rendering the Symphony admin pages with XSLT.

Symphony 3 had been developed to make this possible.

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CSS Weekly Bar Charts

We were tasked with the challenge of building a site that could get people in the mind of improving their health. With the subject of wellness in mind, we would build a site that would enable participants to bring together teams of people who could encourage each other to focus on improving each other’s lives through specific challenges. One challenge would be a step challenge.

In the development of the application, I came up with a layout that incorporated views of an individual’s progress over a certain number of days and weeks. When I was dreaming up how the data should be visualized, I looked up examples of CSS bar charts, and Eric Meyer’s CSS Vertical Bar Charts showed up in the search results. Well, that gave me some confidence to mockup a solution that could rely primarily on some already documented methods to represent bar graphs with CSS.

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The reason for this site is my lack of organization as far my ability to remember all the projects that I have on the go. I am the Absent-Minded Designer.

So, in an effort to keep up to date on the latest developments and to evangelize the merits of Symphony and XSLT to my colleagues at Domain7 and the Web Standards / Open Source development community, I will be trying to keep an ongoing log of my work, experiments and discoveries. Let’s see how long this experiment lasts.

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