Symphony Symposium 2012

The Symphony CMS 2012 Boston Symposium is being held this weekend, a two-day event starting today. The Symphony discussion forum event thread announces the event details.


One of the more interesting recent developments in the Symphony community is the creation of a new company, Soario, that is made up of an international group of team members including Allen Chang, Co-founder and chief architect of Symphony CMS and Soario Inc.; Brendan Abbott, Lead Developer for the Symphony project and UX Architect / Web Developer at R&B Creative in Brisbane, Australia; Rob Bare, Founding and Managing Director of R&B Creative; Fazal Khan, a freelance designer and developer in London; Aram David, webmaster of The Forward in New York; Thomas Appel, a freelance designer based in Mainz, Germany.

With global offices in New York, London, Beijing and Gold Coast, Australia, Soario is positioning themselves as a world-wide support system for digital agencies who are developing with Symphony.

Symphony Agency Edition

The flexible CMS tailor made for digital agencies

With the formation of Soario comes a new approach to marketing Symphony CMS to agencies with Symphony Agency Edition, a custom version of Symphony to help digital agencies provide greater value to their clients.

Symphony AE offers:

  • A bundled issue ticketing system
  • Core system integrity and security checkups
  • System version and certified extension compatibility
  • Site supervision and monitoring
  • A 24/7 support system
  • Branded administration system
  • Commercial extensions

Symphony Factory

As the Symphony community has been growing and extending its network, it is finding that it is outgrowing the confines of the official Symphony site, especially in the area of supporting multilingual efforts.

Allen Chang’s article about the New Symphony website Plans maps out a path to separate the effort to maintain the site into satellite properties with the new Symphony site acting as the hub of the activity.

To help maintain a unified design across these various properties, the Symphony Factory project was proposed by Nils and Johanna Hörrmann to provide an easy-to-use HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework to create websites for the Symphony Network.

Helping fund the effort, the Symphony community has donated over 2,000 € to give the project a kickstart.

Virtual Attendance via Video Streaming

The first two years of attempts to record video of the annual Symphony Symposium have been unsuccessful. The first year, the video was recorded without audio because of a technical glitch. The second year, the audio environment resulted in low quality audio. This year, it appears YouTube has removed the live video stream because of restrictions on music content. Hopefully, the event will be available after the event.

The live video stream has now been updated, so I hope to take notes on the event throughout the weekend.