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It started out as a live build of a Symphony site during An Event Apart, while listening to Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer, and many other fascinating people. Symphony Ensembles have been a fascination for me since the Symphony 2.0 beta releases, as they serve as blank slates and starting points for many of my experiments. Over time, I came to become involved in the role of helping to maintain the Export Ensemble extension, in the absence of the original developer of the extension, Alistair Kearney. The DesignProjectX ensemble was intended as a set of tutorials for newcomers to Symphony and XSLT.

Symphony Tutorials

This site takes you through the process of building a Symphony site, from Hello, world to Ninja Domains: A Multi-Domain Setup using the Symphony XSLT Content Management System.

View the Symphony CMS Tutorials and follow the process step by step. View the XML, XSL and text files that have been used to put the site together. While the content is a few years old, the basic philosophies, concepts and processes behind Symphony have not changed much.


Special thanks to Brian Zerangue who helped update the ensemble for Symphony 2.3.


You can find out more about the ensemble on the Symphony site and check out the code from GitHub.

Change Log