About the Advocacy Working Group

The Advocacy Working Group will be focused on advocating Symphony and its core approaches and technologies.


Our main goals as a group are to:

  • Get the word out about Symphony CMS
  • Promote the benefits of XML and XSLT
  • Advocate for better XSLT support in PHP
  • Develop ways of building and strengthening the community of designers, developers and users


Raising the Profile of Symphony CMS

  • Build compelling sites with Symphony
  • Create case studies
  • Write tutorials
  • Publish books
  • Win awards

Promote Best Practices with XML, XSLT and HTML

  • Build sites demonstrating best practices
  • Create libraries of code
  • Create exercises and challenges
  • Stimulate discussion
  • Publish tutorials and books

Advocate for XSLT support

  • Join standards organizations: W3C, Web Standards Project, XSL mailing lists, etc
  • Actively advocate for better XSLT support in PHP
  • Advocate for better integration with other systems with XML APIs and XSLT support

Build Community

  • Create better methods for group interaction with Symphony
  • Enable the community to share knowledge and code
  • Host events, workshops and hack days to network and increase knowledge and skillsets
  • Host awards for design and development
  • Build hosting environments customized for deploying Symphony