A London Diary: Day 1

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The trip started from Abbotsford with my wife, daughter and her new boyfriend in the back of our Ford, with my father-in-law riding shotgun. We left just past 9:00am Saturday, June 5 in order to catch the 2:50 pm flight from Vancouver to London. That would leave plenty of time to get there, even if there might be traffic delays or who knows what on the way, and still be at the terminal long before the recommended 3 hours before departure.

As soon as I checked in, of course, I was informed that the flight was delayed. Well, good thing I brought a laptop. What to do. Well, I can keep working on my Symphony CMS demo application. It’s in fairly good shape, but I’m not going to be anywhere near ready for a presentation. I’m hoping the Symphony CMS fans are coming more to meet up than to do anything more official in the style of the Web Directions workshops and conference.

There were no islands at gate 67 that had any working power outlets, but I was able to find a quiet section on the other side of the terminal waiting area to sit and plug in my laptop. I wanted a full battery for the flight to London.

Not that I really needed to, but I had the idea to purchase a domain name that was still available. Why not blog under my real name? Thus, was born a new web property that I will soon grow bored of, but I can throw this up for the duration of the conference and Symposium: stephenbau.com. Maybe this one will stick. The reason for not sticking with any one thing has been the very experimental nature of the work that I start and never end up finishing. That, you could say, is a little bit of the history of Symphony CMS. But it is now at a much more mature state than it ever has been before. And I feel that I can start to progress from experimentation to actual content generation. With that hopeful statement, I believe I will begin more regular contributions to the burgeoning explosion of information that is the web. It’s a bit like being a bit of cosmic dust on the expanding surface of a singularity that has just exploded out of nothingness, like riding an endless wave with no shore in sight — only a vast horizon.


Anyway. That’s how this blog started. Already, I’m wondering whether I’ll want to stick with this or upgrade it to the latest version of Symphony. There are some deprecated extensions in use that are being replaced by shiny new beta versions. But that’s just it — they’re in beta. But that’s open source software for you. It keeps things fresh and exciting.

The plane departed around 6:00 pm and I was off to London, and for that matter, Europe, for the first time in my life.